Top 10 Baccarat Online Casinos in 2023 - Play for Real Money

Welcome to our in-depth analysis of Singapore's top 10 online casino sites! You're in for a treat if you enjoy playing this sophisticated and exciting Baccarat online. To provide you with the best options, we have painstakingly investigated and analyzed the baccarat games offered by Singapore's online casinos. We have everything you need, including high-stakes tables with live dealers, creative variations, and alluring incentives. Find the ideal game to boost your gaming sessions as we examine the best baccarat experiences in Singapore.

Top 10 Best Live Baccarat Online Casinos for Singaporean

top rated casino

1 eu9-logo

299% Welcome Reward
Up to SGD 2990

  • Daily Deposit Bonus Up To 50%
  • Unlimited 5% Deposit Bonus
  • E-Sport 99% Special Bonus
  • More Than 1,500 New Members Joining Monthly
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2 hfive5-logo

255% Slots Welcome Bonus
Up to SGD 2550

  • Daily Reload Bonus Up To 20%
  • 5% Unlimited Reload Bonus
  • Up to 1% Daily Unlimited Cash Rebate
  • Hfive5 websites have been available since 1994
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3 yes8-logo

150% Welcome Bonus
Up To SGD 588

  • 5% Daily Deposit Bonus Up To SGD 288
  • Monthly Deposit Challenge Bonus Up To 888
  • Weekly Crypto Desposit Bonus Up To SGD 888
  • Winner of the "Best Gaming Platform Award"
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4 77bet-logo

Max. Welcome Bonus
Up to SGD831

  • New Starter Pack 77 Free 77
  • 7.7% Loss Bonus Up To SGD 777
  • 10% Daily Bonus Up To SGD 188
  • More Than 35,000 Registered Members Worldwide
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5 ib8-logo

Extra SGD588 for new member with lowest turnover.

  • Extra 10% daily deposit
  • Unlimited daily rebate
  • Get extra SGD 50 referral bonus
  • Birthday bonus with IB8
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6 maxim88-logo

All-Games-In-One 100% Welcome Bonus
Up To SGD 500

  • 288% Slots Welcome Bonus Up to 288SGD
  • 50 % Daily Unlimited Reload Bonus
  • Weekly Cash Back Up To SGD 8,888
  • Exclusive Partnerships With Evolution Gaming
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7 96m-logo

100% Welcome Bonus Up To SGD 300

  • Weekly Deposit Cash Bonus Up To SGD 1,888
  • UP TO SGD 10,000 Weekly Rescue Bonus
  • 288% Welcome Bonus by Jacky Wu
  • Regulated & Licensed by the Government of Curacao
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8 me88-logo

288% Welcome Jackpot Bonus Up To SGD 2,880

  • Weekly QuickPay & Crypto Deposit Cash Bonus Up to SGD 1888
  • Weekly Rescue Bonus Up TO SGD1888
  • Unlimited 1.2% Instant Cash Rebate
  • Conor McGregor brand ambassador for 22/23
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9 Gembet-Logo

SGD10 Welcome Bonus as No Deposit Bonus

  • Daily And Weekly Rebates Without Cap & Turnover
  • Cash Rush Jackpots Has Thousands Of Cash Prizes Available
  • Win Cash By Weekly Sports Challenge
  • The most popular European football leagues are included the offer
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10 live22-logo

Provides a 100% Deposit Match Bonus

  • Widely Used Operating Systems: iOS & Android
  • Provide Various Online Casino Games
  • Easy To Navigate & User-Friendly Interface
  • App provides a number of bonuses and promotions to player
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Blacklisted Online Baccarat Casinos

Our goal is to only recommend trustworthy Baccarat Casinos. Every platform goes through a thorough evaluation process that takes into account a number of variables, including legality, gaming software, financial transactions, bonus options, and customer assistance. Any website that doesn't adhere to these strict requirements is immediately labeled on our list as an not recommended gambling site.


  • Players can not receive their winnings.
  • Site operators have ties to dubious business methods.
  • Unprofessional customer service.

Balzac Casino

  • Long withdrawal wait periods (Up to 18+ months)
  • Unreasonable locked-out accounts
  • Slow response times to players
Balzac Casino

21 Dukes

  • Player reports of wins not being received
  • False licensing claims
  • Unresponsive customer complaints
21 Dukes

What is Baccarat?

Baccarat is a card game of chance and skill that has been enjoyed by players around the world for centuries. It is a popular table game in many online and land-based casinos, and it's easy to see why. Baccarat online is exciting, fast-paced, and can be very rewarding when played correctly.

The rules are simple: two hands are dealt—one to the player and one to the banker—and each hand will try to get as close as possible to nine without going over. Players have the option of betting on either hand or both, or may even choose not to bet at all if they prefer.

There are several strategies available for playing baccarat casino games, including understanding house edge calculations and learning how card counting works in order to gain an advantage over other players or the house itself. With practice, some players even develop complex baccarat strategies that help them maximize their chances of winning big at the baccarat tables.

How to Play Baccarat Online?

Baccarat is a card game that has been popular among casino players for centuries. If you're wondering how to play baccarat, the main rules are relatively simple to grasp. When playing baccarat online, you start by placing your bets on either the player's hand or the banker's hand. The objective is to predict which hand will have a higher total value.

Understanding the odds and payouts associated with each bet type can help players make informed decisions about their wagers.

Finally, reading and analyzing baccarat charts can provide players with valuable insight into the probabilities of certain outcomes occurring.

Baccarat Rules Singapore

Learning the rules of baccarat can be a fun and rewarding experience. Baccarat rules in Singapore are similar to those followed in many other countries, and it is a game based on luck. So there are no special techniques or strategies to use when playing. However, there are certain rules that must be followed when playing in order to ensure fairness and accuracy. Here is a list of the main baccarat rules:


The game is played with either eight decks or six decks of standard playing cards


All card suits have equal value; only the face values matter in this game.


The player and banker receive two cards each, which are dealt face-up from the deck(s).


A third card may be dealt depending on whether either hand has an 8 or 9; if not, then either hand may choose to draw a third card as per their predetermined strategy.

These basic rules provide players with a foundation for understanding how baccarat works before they begin playing for real money at online casinos in 2023.

Understanding the Baccarat rules in Singapore is essential for players who want to participate in the game. With knowing how these fundamental concepts work will help ensure that you have a positive gaming experience and maximize your chances of success while gambling responsibly at any top 10 baccarat online casino in 2023 - play real money site you choose!

Online Casino Baccarat Games Bet Type

By understanding the various bet types available in baccarat, players can develop a sound strategy to maximize their chances of success. There are three main bets in online casino baccarat game; Banker, Player, and Tie. Additionally, there are side bets such as Perfect Pair and Big/Small that can be made. The payout odds for each bet type vary depending on which casino is being played at.

Overall, understanding the various bet types available in baccarat and their respective payouts is essential for players looking to increase their chances of success when playing this popular casino game.

Baccarat Odd & Payout

Knowing the Baccarat odds and payouts of each bet type in baccarat is essential for players seeking to optimize their chances of success. There are three main bet types:

  • Player

The Player bet offers a 1 to 1 payout with an approximate 46% chance of winning.

  • Banker

The Banker bet provides a slightly better payout at 19-20 (1.05x) but comes with a higher house advantage that rests around 44%

  • Tie

Tie bet has an 8-1 payout but carries an extremely low probability of occurring at approximately 9%. It should be noted that certain casinos may offer additional side bets which can alter these Baccarat odds and payouts accordingly.

It is important to note that the house edge on baccarat is lower than most other casino games such as roulette or blackjack. This means that when playing baccarat you have more of a chance to win than when playing other games. However, understanding the Baccarat odds and payouts associated with each wager will allow you to make informed decisions while playing so as to increase your chances for success.

Bet Type House Edge









Baccarat Chart How To Read

Reading the baccarat chart can help players understand and take advantage of the odds and payouts associated with each bet type. A basic baccarat chart contains information about which side has better odds, the probability of a tie, how much each bet pays out, and any other specific rules that might apply to the game. The chart is fairly straightforward and easy to read as long as you are familiar with the basic terms used in baccarat such as banker, player, and tie bets.

It is important to remember that not all baccarat games are created equal so it is wise to check the specifics of each table before playing. For example, some tables may have different payouts for certain bets or even feature additional side bets not found in a standard game. By reading a baccarat chart carefully, players can get an understanding of how these variations affect their chances of winning real money and implementing the right Baccarat strategies to it.

How We Rank for Top Online Baccarat Singapore

  1. Bonus and Promotions

With the increasing competition amongst online casinos, it is essential for them to have attractive offers that appeal to potential baccarat players. These bonuses can range from free spins, match deposits, cashback offers or even VIP rewards.

  1. Safety and security

Baccarat online requires users to be aware of safety and security considerations when selecting a gaming platform in 2023. When it comes to online casinos, safety is a top priority as players need to ensure that their personal information is kept secure.

  1. Transaction Speeds

Transaction speeds are an important factor to consider when selecting a gaming platform, as they determine how quickly funds can be transferred and processed. A slow transaction speed could potentially disrupt the user's experience and cause potential payment issues.

  1. Mobile Application

Many of the Baccarat online casinos offer mobile apps that are designed to allow players to play real money games from their phones or tablets. These apps typically feature a variety of features such as customizable game settings, secure payment methods, and up-to-date statistics so that players can track their performance over time.

  1. Ability to play Baccarat free

For those who are new to the game or simply want to refine their skills, there is the ability to play Baccarat for free at many online casinos. This allows players to become acquainted with the rules and apply Baccarat strategies in the game before placing any real money bets.


Top 3 Online Baccarat Casino

top rated casino

1 eu9-logo

138% Welcome Reward Up to SGD 299

  • Daily Deposit Bonus Up To 50%
  • Unlimited 5% Deposit Bonus
  • E-Sport 99% Special Bonus
  • More Than 1,500 New Members Joining Monthly
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2 hfive5-logo

150% Welcome Bonus up to SGD 355

  • Daily Reload Bonus Up To 20%
  • 5% Unlimited Reload Bonus
  • Up to 1% Daily Unlimited Cash Rebate
  • Microgaming websites have been available since 1994
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3 yes8-logo

150% Welcome Bonus Up To SGD 588

  • 5% Daily Deposit Bonus Up To SGD 288
  • Monthly Deposit Challenge Bonus Up To 888
  • Weekly Crypto Desposit Bonus Up To SGD 888
  • Winner of the "Best Gaming Platform Award"
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Best Baccarat Strategies that Work in 2023


Developing effective Baccarat strategies is key to achieving success in the game. There are several strategies that can be used to increase one's chances of winning at baccarat, and these include:

Pratice At Baccarat Free Games

It is important for players to understand how the Baccarat game works and its rules before attempting it. This will help them make better decisions when playing. Before playing for real money, you can search for baccarat free games and practice the game's rules there.

Managing Your Bankroll

Bankroll management is an essential part of any gambling experience, and this applies to baccarat as well. Players should set clear limits on how much they want to wager on each hand and adjust their bets accordingly.

Using A Card Counting System

Card counting systems can be used to gain an advantage over other players by predicting which cards will come up next during a hand of baccarat. However, this technique requires practice and skill in order to be successful.

Utilizing Betting Systems

Betting systems such as the Martingale or Fibonacci system can help players minimize their losses while also increasing their chances of winning big if luck is on their side.

Registration At Baccarat Online Casinos

  1. Register:
    Gaining access to a baccarat game at an online casino requires players to register and provide certain information. Baccarat online registration process is generally quite straight-forward and involves the submission of basic personal details such as:

    • Name
    • Address
    • Contact information
    • Date of birth, etc.

    Once the player has provided the necessary information and agreed to the terms and conditions established by the casino, they will be ready to start playing baccarat.

  2. Verification:
    In some cases, additional documents may need to be supplied in order for the identity verification process that all reputable online casinos are required by law to undertake. Depending on where you live or which payment method you choose when making your deposit, you may also have to provide proof of residency or other document from a third-party source.

  3. Start Play:
    Once you have successfully registered with an online casino that offers baccarat games for real money play and have completed any additional steps necessary for identity verification purposes, you will then be able to make a deposit into your account using one of several available payment methods accepted by most casinos including credit cards, e-wallets like PayPal or Skrill, direct bank transfers or cryptocurrency payments. You can then use these funds as wagers while enjoying baccarat games at the online casino.

Online Casino Bonus for Baccarat Games

Players of baccarat games may be eligible to receive various types of bonuses offered by online casinos, which can add to the excitement and potential rewards from playing. Bonuses can come in a variety of forms, including free spins, match bonuses, cashback offers, reload bonuses, and more. Following are a few of Baccarat games bonuses:


Cashback Bonus

Bonuses for cashback are intended to reimburse players for a portion of their losses. Even though these bonuses are sometimes linked to slots or other games, certain online casinos could provide cashback just for Baccarat. Players are given a safety net by this kind of incentive, which lessens the impact of probable losses.

No Deposit Bonuses

No deposit bonuses are promotions that are given to players without asking them to make a deposit at all. Some online casinos might have no deposit bonuses at play Baccarat games, though they are very uncommon. Players can test Baccarat strategies with these incentives without putting any of their own money at risk.

Reload Bonuses

Reload bonuses are incentives provided to returning players who make additional deposits. Players can use the extra money from these bonuses to play more Baccarat. Reload bonuses can increase a player's bankroll and lengthen their gaming sessions when playing Baccarat game.

Play Baccarat Online for Free or for Real Money?

Attribute Playing Baccarat for Free Playing Baccarat for Money


No financial risk as no real money is involved

There is a risk of losing real money

Learning Curve

Ideal for beginners to learn Baccarat rules and strategies without losing money

Suitable for experienced players who understand the game and are comfortable with the risk

Earning Potential

No potential to earn real money. Any winnings are just virtual and can't be cashed out

There is a potential to win real money, depending on the bets placed and the outcome of the game

Game Experience

Might not provide the same thrill and excitement as there's no risk involved

Adds a level of excitement and suspense as real money is at stake


Available on most online casino platforms for practice purposes

Requires registration and deposit on a licensed online casino platform

Top 1 Online Baccarat Casino - EU9


EU9 is a popular choice for those looking to participate in online baccarat, offering secure betting and a wide range of gaming options. The casino has been active since 2021, providing high-quality gambling services with a focus on safety and customer satisfaction. EU9 is powered by the latest software technology which allows players to place bets quickly and securely. In addition to traditional table games, such as blackjack and roulette, EU9 also offers live dealer baccarat games that are streamed from real casino locations across Europe.

Players have access to various bonuses and promotions when playing at EU9, including welcome bonuses up to €1000 and weekly cashback opportunities. With round-the-clock customer service support available, all players can expect fast response times when it comes to queries or issues with their accounts. This makes EU9 one of the top 10 online baccarat casinos in 2023 for playing real money games.

Top 1 Baccarat Online Casino


138% Welcome Bonus Up to SGD 299

  • Daily Deposit Bonus Up To 50%
  • Unlimited 5% Deposit Bonus
  • E-Sport 99% Special Bonus
  • More Than 1,500 New Members Joining Monthly
Play Now Read EU9 Review

Frequently Asked Questions

Baccarat is a popular card game often played at casinos, including those in Singapore. To play Baccarat, you can visit a physical casino or choose to play Baccarat online through a registered and licensed online casino. Baccarat Singapore provides a thrilling gaming experience to both beginners and seasoned players.

Baccarat is relatively simple to understand. The game involves two hands, the 'player' and the 'banker.' The goal is to predict which hand will have a total value closest to 9 or if the game will result in a tie. The value of each card is added up, with face cards and tens counting as zero, and if the total is over 9, the left digit is dropped. For instance, a total of 17 becomes 7.

There are several casinos in Singapore where you can play Baccarat, including Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa. For those who prefer to play Baccarat online, there are various legal online casinos available in Singapore, offering the thrill of the Baccarat game from the comfort of your home.

While Baccarat is primarily a game of luck, some strategies can improve your chances. Understanding the Baccarat odds is crucial. Betting on the banker usually offers the best odds as the house edge is lowest on this bet. It's also recommended to avoid betting on a tie, as this bet has the highest house edge.

Sexy Baccarat is a variation of online Baccarat that has gained popularity in recent years. The game rules remain the same, but the dealing is done by scantily clad live dealers. It aims to recreate the glamorous atmosphere of a physical casino while adding a titillating aspect to the gaming experience.

To start playing online Baccarat in Singapore, you need to create an account with a legal online casino that offers this game. It's necessary to provide personal details for registration, and you must be of legal age to gamble. After setting up your account and depositing funds, you can choose your preferred Baccarat game and start playing. Always remember to gamble responsibly.

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