Best Bitcoin Casino in Singapore | Free Bitcoin Casino 2023

TopCasinoSingapore list out Top 10 Bitcoin Casino In Singapore that accepts cryptocurrency especially bitcoin. This day and age of technology evolution granted us digital payment ceonvenience, so is a casino need to come out with a new payment method.

This urges us to get a best 10 bitcoin casino to serve you casino games in a different way. Ready to see how the technology change your way to play online casino? Start your journey to a fruitful wins!

Top 10 Best Bitcoin Casino in Singapore

Top Bitcoin Casino

1 eu9-logo

299% Welcome Reward
Up to SGD 2990

  • Daily Deposit Bonus Up To 50%
  • Unlimited 5% Deposit Bonus
  • E-Sport 99% Special Bonus
  • More Than 1,500 New Members Joining Monthly
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2 hfive5-logo

255% Slots Welcome Bonus
Up to SGD 2550

  • Daily Reload Bonus Up To 20%
  • 5% Unlimited Reload Bonus
  • Up to 1% Daily Unlimited Cash Rebate
  • Hfive5 websites have been available since 1994
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3 yes8-logo

150% Welcome Bonus
Up To SGD 588

  • 5% Daily Deposit Bonus Up To SGD 288
  • Monthly Deposit Challenge Bonus Up To 888
  • Weekly Crypto Desposit Bonus Up To SGD 888
  • Winner of the "Best Gaming Platform Award"
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4 77bet-logo

Max. Welcome Bonus
Up to SGD831

  • New Starter Pack 77 Free 77
  • 7.7% Loss Bonus Up To SGD 777
  • 10% Daily Bonus Up To SGD 188
  • More Than 35,000 Registered Members Worldwide
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5 ib8-logo

Extra SGD588 for new member with lowest turnover.

  • Extra 10% daily deposit
  • Unlimited daily rebate
  • Get extra SGD 50 referral bonus
  • Birthday bonus with IB8
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6 maxim88-logo

All-Games-In-One 100% Welcome Bonus
Up To SGD 500

  • 288% Slots Welcome Bonus Up to 288SGD
  • 50 % Daily Unlimited Reload Bonus
  • Weekly Cash Back Up To SGD 8,888
  • Exclusive Partnerships With Evolution Gaming
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7 96m-logo

100% Welcome Bonus Up To SGD 300

  • Weekly Deposit Cash Bonus Up To SGD 1,888
  • UP TO SGD 10,000 Weekly Rescue Bonus
  • 288% Welcome Bonus by Jacky Wu
  • Regulated & Licensed by the Government of Curacao
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8 me88-logo

288% Welcome Jackpot Bonus Up To SGD 2,880

  • Weekly QuickPay & Crypto Deposit Cash Bonus Up to SGD 1888
  • Weekly Rescue Bonus Up TO SGD1888
  • Unlimited 1.2% Instant Cash Rebate
  • Conor McGregor brand ambassador for 22/23
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9 Gembet-Logo

SGD10 Welcome Bonus as No Deposit Bonus

  • Daily And Weekly Rebates Without Cap & Turnover
  • Cash Rush Jackpots Has Thousands Of Cash Prizes Available
  • Win Cash By Weekly Sports Challenge
  • The most popular European football leagues are included the offer
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10 live22-logo

Provides a 100% Deposit Match Bonus

  • Widely Used Operating Systems: iOS & Android
  • Provide Various Online Casino Games
  • Easy To Navigate & User-Friendly Interface
  • App provides a number of bonuses and promotions to player
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What is Bitcoin Casino in SG?

Bitcoin casino is a form of online gambling that uses cryptocurrency as the primary payment method. This type of gaming has become increasingly popular in Singapore, especially with the rise of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple.

The transactions with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are anonymous and secure, the markets prefer this over traditional banking methods for deposits and withdrawals with online casinos.

Withdrawals can take anywhere from minutes up to several hours, depending on how quickly you need access to funds. Additionally, unlike regular banks, which charge high fees for international transfers, most crypto exchanges do not have additional charges associated with them. (Usually minimal network fees)

A reliable bitcoin casino could be the answer for those who want to play at an online casino but don't want to use their bank account or credit card. When deciding which gambling website to play on, it's important to consider factors like the site's security measures, the accessibility of customer support channels, and the bonuses and special offers.

Top Bitcoin Software Providers In Singapore

Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt, Betsoft, and Evolution Gaming are the top software providers in Singapore. They specialize in producing unique gameplays tailored specifically for mobile devices and desktop computers, offering a wide range of options such as slots, video poker, roulette, baccarat, and more.

Their offerings are often considered top tier when compared to other services around the world, and they offer immersive gameplay experiences for those looking to try something new or explore existing favorites from a different perspective.


Despite a gaming developer from Europe, they cater their online slot machines to the Singaporean casino market. SpadeGaming's high RTP slots, like Brothers Kingdom, can be found at most of Singapore's best online casinos.



Playtech have been around for 20 years, and games like Age of the Gods and Kingdoms Rise have made them a giant in the business. They have a solid customer base in Singapore and their products in the online casino business are prevalent here.


Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming, the world's leading provider of live dealer casino tables, has a solid reputation in Singapore among both seasoned gamblers and younger players.



They are the oldest company in the business. They started as an online casino, but they switched to making software as they made money. known for "Game of Thrones" and other games that have earned their players and become instant billionaires.


Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play, once the lesser-known of software developers, presently owns live casino studios and develops both live and traditional casino games, all of which are readily accessible in Singapore. A well-known virtual slot machines software provider this day.


Blockchain Technology On Crypto Casino

Blockchain technology has tapped into online casinos, thus new type of Crypto Casinos are introduced. It bring benefits such as enhanced security, transparency, and trustworthiness. Leveraging blockchain technology can further improve the gaming experience by providing players with more convenient, faster, and transparent transactions.

Blockchain technology can also provide better control over user funds and data while providing lower transaction fees. The use of blockchain technology also help to reduce fraud and cheating in the gaming experience, making it more secure and reliable.

What cryptocurrencies are accepted in Bitcoin casinos?


Bitcoin is by far the most popular cryptocurrency used at online casinos in Singapore due to its low transaction fees, fast transaction times, and high security features that make it ideal for gambling purposes. It also offers players complete anonymity when playing games on their platform, which makes it an attractive choice for those who want to keep their gaming experience private.


Ethereum is another powerful cryptocurrency, and it can be used for online gambling in the same safe manner as Bitcoin but with much faster transaction times. As Ethereum is still in its infancy in comparison to Bitcoin, it is accepted by a smaller number of well-established sites. However, new platforms are constantly being launched, so this number should gradually increase over time.

USDT (Tether)

USDT (Tether) rounds out the list of accepted cryptocurrencies at topcasinosingapore - the best bitcoin casino in Singapore in 2023. This stable coin has become a staple currency among gamblers and service providers looking for a reliable way to store funds securely without worrying about market volatility or slippage issues associated with other coins. Its use is becoming widespread across multiple industries due to its strong safety measures, making it an excellent option for anyone as an alternative payment method at Singaporean casinos today.

Cryptocurrency offers a veil to any person behind the curatin, a security and payment gateway to this new world.

If the above cryptocurrencies are not exhausted, that is because you are proved to be more finance savvy than most people. Let us move to the reasons why the world is adapting to not just bitcoin but more cryptocurrencies.

Why Use Bitcoin for Online Casinos?

Bitcoin, in contrast to other traditional ways of making money transfers, allows for the instantaneous processing of transactions. Online casino customers are likely to benefit with this feature. Bitcoin is a useful payment option on account of how quickly withdrawals can be built.


Cryptocurrency transactions are anonymous, which makes almost impossible for third parties to track the sender and receiver of funds. This means that players can remain anonymous when playing at bitcoin casinos. Players do not have to worry about their personal or financial information being disclosed, making them feel safe and secure while enjoying the games available at these sites.

Crypto Bonuses

Another advantage of using Bitcoin at online casinos is that it allows players to take advantage of exclusive crypto bonuses. Many operators offer incentives such as welcome bonuses or reload bonuses when depositing funds into their accounts via cryptocurrency payments. When compared to traditional payment methods, these promotions frequently serve players with an extra wagering advantage.

Decentralised System

Bitcoin is a decentralized system that allows users to gamble anonymously and conduct secure transactions without the aid of third parties. It also reduces transaction costs compared to traditional banking methods, making it an attractive option for both gamblers and operators. The benefits offered by Bitcoin include increased security and privacy, quick deposits and withdrawals, low fees, and protection from chargebacks or fraud.

  • Faster processing times
  • Increased security and privacy
  • Protection from chargebacks or fraud 
  • Lower transaction fees for deposits and withdrawals

Lower Risk Of Fraud

Bitcoin runs on a distributed ledger technology known as blockchain, which ensures that each transaction is secure and immutable, making it almost impossible for third parties to manipulate or tamper with transactions. This decentralized architecture eliminates any single points of failure, ensuring greater security and stability compared to traditional systems. The use of bitcoin in an online casino also helps reduce the risk of fraud since all payments are recorded securely on the blockchain network. Additionally, users’ personal data remains protected from potential hackers or other malicious activities when transacting through cryptocurrencies.

Faster Deposit And Withdrawal

The use of cryptocurrency in online casinos has become increasingly widespread. This is largely due to the fact that it offers a range of benefits to players, such as:

  • Instantaneous fund transfers;
  • Reduced transaction costs;
  • Strengthened safety measures.
Using Bitcoin at online casinos can significantly reduce waiting times when transferring funds from one account to another.

Low Transaction Fees

Bitcoin is an attractive option for players who wish to make quick deposits and withdrawals without incurring large costs. It offers instant transfers with minimal or no additional charges, and is decentralized, making it safe from third-party interference and manipulation. This makes it a secure means of transferring funds that is not vulnerable to fraud or censorship.

Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that operates independently of any central authority, making it resistant to government interference or manipulation. It has been referred to as "digital gold" due to its finite supply and growing demand, and can be sent and received worldwide without bank fees, exchange rates or regulations. Bitcoin transactions offer a degree of privacy and anonymity, and investors can benefit from its volatility and growth. Blockchain technology, a revolutionary digital public ledger, is disrupting various industries, and by investing in Bitcoin, investors are investing in this technological potential.

Pros of Gambling with Bitcoin

Gambling is risky and need to be approached responsibly. Bitcoin has unique features that are advantageous, but it also comes with its own set of risks. It is important to understand the legalities of online gambling before participating. Here are the pros of Gambling with Bitcoin

  1. Deposit Speed

Bitcoin casinos have made it possible to make deposits in a matter of minutes. This is great for gamers who don't have time to squander waiting around to play their favorite games. You can keep a greater portion of the money you make thanks to the absence of transaction costs while utilizing this coin.

  1. All Day Customer Support

As an added bonus, you get to diversify your holdings and take advantage of the rising value of cryptocurrencies as an investment opportunity. To begin, there is round-the-clock customer service available for your convenience. With help desks that are open 24/7, these Crypto Casinos can make sure that any questions or problems you have will be fixed quickly. Using Bitcoin at Singaporean online casinos also eliminates the need to factor in currency conversion fees, as all dealings take place directly between users' individual Bitcoin wallets.

  1. Vip Offers And Promotions

These packages can be a terrific way to boost your wins from each session by offering exclusive bonuses, free spins, and even cashback prizes. Most top bitcoin casinos also offer secure transactions, rapid withdrawals, and solid customer care, ensuring a great playing experience every time.

  1. Wide Variety Of Games

One great thing about playing with cryptocurrency in an online casino is that you have access to all sorts of different titles from top-tier providers like NetEnt, Microgaming, and Play'n GO.

For example:


  • Classic 3 Reel Slots
  • Video Slots featuring interactive bonus rounds
  • Jackpot Games offering huge cash prizes

You can find slots, table games, sports betting, and even live dealer games at online casinos that accept Bitcoin deposits. All these different types of gambling provide plenty of options for players, no matter what their interests are.

  1. Good And Fast Payouts Withdrawal

It's so much faster than dealing with credit cards or bank wires. Plus, the low fees associated with bitcoin withdrawals make it a much more affordable option. Security is also improved with bitcoin since it's decentralized and anonymous, so I don't have to worry about my personal information being stolen. I definitely recommend gambling with bitcoin for anyone looking for a fast, secure, and low-cost way to get their money. It's just the best way to go.

  1. Quick Processing

Withdrawing funds from your online casino account has never been easier or faster with Bitcoin! With the rise of cryptocurrency, there's no need to wait around for days before you have access to your winnings. Instead, when you opt for Bitcoin withdrawals, it only takes just a few minutes before the money is in your wallet and coin address - perfect if you're after quick cashouts!

  1. Low Fees

When it comes to withdrawing your winnings, you want a method that is both fast and cost-effective. That's why Bitcoin withdrawals from online casinos come highly recommended—not only are they quick, but the fees involved are very low too! On top of that, there's no minimum amount required for withdrawal, so regardless of how much or little you've won, getting your hands on the cash is easy.

  1. Improved Security

Withdrawing your winnings is not only about speed and cost-effectiveness but also about security. Luckily, Bitcoin withdrawals offer users just that. With secure encryption of all transactions, you can be sure that your funds will reach their destination safely and securely. On top of that, the fees involved are very low, so it won't break the bank either.

  1. Trusted Game Providers

Gambling with Bitcoin comes with many advantages, including good and fast payouts. But it is also important to be sure that you're playing at a reliable casino provider. Fortunately, there are plenty of trusted game providers out there who accept cryptocurrency as payment for their services.

  1. Crypto Casino Games

  2. Get quick access to latest technology of blockchain games, different staking, raking, and betting options.

Example of Table Games

  • Blackjack tables with multiple variants
  • Roulette wheels including American & European versions
  • Baccarat tables for those looking for something more exotic

Top 3 Bitcoin Casinos to Win Real Money

top rated casino

1 eu9-logo

138% Welcome Reward Up to SGD 299

  • Daily Deposit Bonus Up To 50%
  • Unlimited 5% Deposit Bonus
  • E-Sport 99% Special Bonus
  • More Than 1,500 New Members Joining Monthly
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2 hfive5-logo

150% Welcome Bonus up to SGD 355

  • Daily Reload Bonus Up To 20%
  • 5% Unlimited Reload Bonus
  • Up to 1% Daily Unlimited Cash Rebate
  • Microgaming websites have been available since 1994
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3 yes8-logo

150% Welcome Bonus Up To SGD 588

  • 5% Daily Deposit Bonus Up To SGD 288
  • Monthly Deposit Challenge Bonus Up To 888
  • Weekly Crypto Desposit Bonus Up To SGD 888
  • Winner of the "Best Gaming Platform Award"
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How to do Online Gambling with Bitcoin Deposit

It's easy as one, two, three. You only need to get through the initial confusions and guide. Here's a fresh step by step for you.

  1. Sign Up With A Licensed Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform
    (*Crypto Exchange Platforms: Luno, Sinegy, Tokenize Exchange)

  2. The first step is signing up for a licensed cryptocurrency exchange platform. Luno and Sinegy are two of the best crypto exchanges out there, offering great features such as fast processing times and low fees. 

    Tokenize Exchange is another popular choice among those looking to start their Bitcoin casino journey, boasting an easy-to-use interface along with advanced security measures that help protect users’ funds.

  3. Open An Account

  4. Opening an account at a bitcoin casino is easy and straightforward. All that’s required of you is to register with your personal details, such as your full name, address, email ID, country of origin, and phone number. 

    You will also need to choose a unique username and password for logging into your new casino account. Once all this information has been entered correctly, your registration process will be complete, and you'll be ready to start playing!

  5. Make A Deposit

  6. Go to the payment page and select your preferred token from the list of tokens available for purchase. Enter the amount you would like to deposit in fiat currency (e.g., US dollars).

    Copy and paste the wallet address given by the merchant into your wallet app and confirm the transaction.

  7. Buy Bitcoin

  8. Once you have obtained some Bitcoins, you will need to set up a wallet address so that you can store them securely on your computer. There are plenty of options available when it comes to wallets; be sure to research any potential provider before making your choice. 

    After setting up a wallet, simply transfer the amount of bitcoin you wish to use for gaming into it and start enjoying the benefits of blockchain-based gambling today!

#1 top rated casino


138% Welcome Reward Up to SGD 299

  • Daily Deposit Bonus Up To 50%
  • Unlimited 5% Deposit Bonus
  • E-Sport 99% Special Bonus
  • More Than 1,500 New Members Joining Monthly
Play Now Read EU9 Review

FAQs of Bitcoin Casino

To ensure a safe and accredited Bitcoin casino experience, it is important to check for valid gambling licenses and adhere to strict regulations. Additionally, look for well-known payment providers such as PayPal or Skrill and check reviews from other players to see if they have had positive experiences with the casino. By taking these steps, you can rest assured that your money will be safely handled while enjoying the benefits of playing at a bitcoin casino.

Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and Ripple (XRP) are all accepted payment methods in crypto casinos. Additional bonuses may be available for those depositing using specific coins. Transactions are processed via blockchain technology, keeping all funds safe and secure.

Registering at a Bitcoin Casino is simple, much like at any other online casino. Just select your preferred platform and register your account. Any necessary steps, like depositing and playing, can be found in the platform’s guide!

Yes! Much like other online casinos, Bitcoin casinos also offer deposit bonuses. Bitcoin Casinos may even provide better and more rewarding bonuses for crypto-related deposits, where these bonuses may even be more rewarding compared to conventional fiat-based deposit bonuses.

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